Club Platform Updates

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  • Platform Launched 1.0

    01 April 2014 launches its club management platform, ready for clubs to manage their day to days tasks, members, events and so much more. ClubMbr will simplify your club management as soon as you start to use it!

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    psw: demo
  • Special Offer During Beta

    02 April 2014 offers a special price for the first club sign ups, the initial first few clubs that sign up receive a special price of 59.99 and the offer of unlimited members for life. Contact us to find out if you quality for this great special price before full launch.

  • First Successful Sign-ups

    07 April 2014

    Our first few club sign-ups have been successful, providing them the tools they need to manage their hometown club. There are still limited spots available for our life time deal, contact us today and tells your interested before its to late!

  • First Platform Update 1.1

    01 May 2014

    Thanks to the great feedback we have received during our Beta phase we are launching our first major update, with a cleaner interface, more options, built in support and feature requests as well as many bug fixes. Live today, login and check them out!

  • Minor Update 1.2

    07 June 2014

    Bug fix's and improvements have been uploaded to the ClubMbr management platform, with many fixes to minor issues! Keeping you updated and working on your club.

  • Major Platform Update 2.0

    01 August 2014

    With many new features and additions the ClubMbr platform! Getting better and more packed with further handy features and improvements. From improved search features to better calender management to a newly designed dashboard and interface. This time we concentrated on ease of use, fixing any bugs and issues and adding some great new printable documents. The ClubMbr Club and Association Management platform is more packed than ever!

  • Special Club Offers!

    01 September 2014

    Want a special deal on your club sign-up? Then get in touch with us and tell us about your club. Let us know how many members you have, send us your club logo, tell us what your club is all about and why you would want to use our amazing platform for your club management. The best club information and descriptions will be provided with a special lifetime membership price and will also be posted in a new section on this site promoting your Club!