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What is it all about?

What is the ClubMbr Club Membership Management Platform?

ClubMbr Membership management platform is a complete club management platform, for memberships, events, accounting, stock and much more. Our cloud based application allows you to manage your club members, payments, events attendance while providing statistics and calculations of your own club.

Club Members
Initial Steps

Management of your Club members is importante for any club, accepting new members, accepting payments, creating receipts and viewing membership statistics.

Training Videos Coming Soon
Training Videos Coming Soon

Club Events
Initial Steps

Events management can be an important income for any club, management of event creation, income, payments and even creation of informational leaflets can save a lot of time and money. All including monthly and yearly event statistics, helping you understand your club, members, events and even local area.

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If you haven’t decided if our Club Management platform is suited to your needs, then give our demo a spin and find out for yourself!

Please note that the demo platform is not updated as often as our live management area, and may be missing some of the latest features. Also only the English login contains demo members, statistics and exportable data.

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