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Club and Member management has never been easier, Clubmbr has your back with plenty of features and tools helping you manage your club.

Our Club Management Features

New Features are added on popular request. Be Notified!

Cloud Management

Manage your club from anywhere in the world, from the club, your home or even your office. All your essential club information available when you want or need it on any device.

Club Management Online

Access your member information from anywhere, your office, the club entrance, at the bar or even at home. Anytime, anywhere your club information is at your finger tips.

Any Operating System
Laptop, Tablet, Mobile
Web Cloud Platform
Accessable Anywhere


Manage your club memberships, membership types and much more. With Clubmbr Club management Platform you will find all the tools that you need to manage all aspects of your Club, and if we dont you can ask for it to be added.

Club Memberships

Manage your Club memberships, when payments are due and when they have been paid. Create your own club membership plans and receive automatic membership calculations.

Membership Types
Membership Payments
Membership Management
Membership Charts


Keep track of all that important information with our club management platform. Member birthdays, Upcoming Membership Payments even Member attendance to meetings or events. Our platform provides you with the tools to learn more about your members.

Club Members

Know your Club members, who they are, how to reach them and much more. With all the tools you need to understand your club members and their club habits.

Member Information
Location Google Maps
Member History
Member Insights

Club Details

Good information is allways in the detail, and our Club Management Platform provides you with the details you need. Allowing you to keep track of basic information, and then displaying it, so you can understand without having to spend hours filtering thru data.

Club Information

Find the information you want when you need it, no more search thru excel documents or paperwork. All your club details are easily managed with Clubmbr.

Automatic Calculations
Informative Dashboard
Event, Email Templates
Multiple Templates

Club Events

Club Events and Meetings are important to a club's nature, keep track of event information, how much it cost, how much you made and who attended. With membership history you can know which events were attended by who and how ofton.

Club Festivals and Parties

With the Clubmbr tools you will learn and understand your club and members like never before, with easy to understand metrics your club is manged for the first time.

Event Notifications
Event Tracking
Event Attendance
Event Analysis

Stock Management

Does your club have stock or rentals of some sort? Thats what we thought, so we included the tools for you to manage your Club stock and even item rentals. Soon you will be able to keep track of your club stock, their expensis and much more.

Equipment and Rentals Management

Purchase of material, products or even entertainment systems and chairs. What ever it is you can keep stock of it, understand your expensis and make more money from your club.

Coming Soon

Staff & Contacts Management

Manage your club Contacts and Staff members with clubmbr, holidays, shifts, trainings and payments. Soon you will be able to manage much more than your club and its members, but also those who help run it.

Shift and Business Management

Have a clear view of your important contacts, finding the information you need to make that next deal. Or organise your staff shifts and have them updated via email on changes.

Coming Soon

Know your Club Earnings

Keeping track of your club income and expensis is now easy, we help you manage your club

Manage your Club and Event Income

With Graphics, metrics and auto calculations your income has never been clearer. Keep track of your club outgoings or expeneses and make the improvements needed.

Membership Payments
Staff Payments
Event Expenses
Attendance Income

Club Statistics

With Statistics and Graphics, helping you see whats important to your club and your club members.

Understand Your Club

Easy Graphics of important information can really help you understand where your important club events happen, who are your good members.

Membership Types
Member Graphs
Event Attendance
Club Income

Paperwork and Receipts

Do you still work with paper? We also have you covered there, club membership cards, payment slips, receipts and history information, event flyers and attendance receipts. All at your finger tips with our Club Management platform.

Club Printables

With multiple PDF documents and receipts available for creation, creating a new membership card or printing a receipt has never been easier.

Membership Cards
Member Information
Payment Slips
Payment Receipts
Payment History
Event Flyers

Our Membership FAQ has more Information!

Have further questions, doubts or want more information on a specific topic of club management?
Then check our FAQ page for more information, or you may also contact us and receive a personal club membership quote.

Clubmbr FAQ on Club Management

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