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Learn more about our Club Management application, find out whats possible and how to make the most out of our Cloud based multi device capable Club Management saver!

ClubMbr is a Cloud based Club Management Platform, it allows club owners, managers and staff to organise and manage their Organisation or Club. We provide you with the tools to help make your Club Management easier and more beneficial for your club and members.
With the ClubMbr Cloud based Club management platform you are able to keep track of all your members, their information, payments and payment history, create payment receipts and receive graphical statistics of many club membership aspects.
The ClubMbr Membership Management Platform allows you to mangage your club Events, Event income, attendance of members and flyer creation, with a glance you will be able to see which events are most attendend and make yor club the most profit.
Find out which Club members attend your events and how many attendies are none members, you can increase your club membership and expand your club income with the ClubMbr Club Events Management tools.
ClubMbr helps you to keep track of Club Membership payments, staff hours, event attendance and soon even stock management, with all these tools combined we dont make you money but we do save you a ton of it. By keeping track of what income your Club has, where it expends it, and why can be a valuable tool for any Club. But we dont stop there, our platform also helps you manage your money and assets, from staff accounting, receipt creation, event flyers and membership cards. We provide you the tools you need to successfully manage your Club from your office or even home.
ClubMbr does not charge your club for a licence, you dont need any special hardware or computer systems. You can use an old or new computer, a mobile phone or a tablet PC where ever you are you can access and use your club management tools. We also allow your staff to the same, we help you improve how your club can be managed, by providing your staff the basic tools to help you manage your club. With no extra costs involved, you dont pay a licence, there is no software to install, your information is avaialble at all hours, any day of the week and where ever you are! All you need is access to an internet connection and you have the tools your club needs to succeed.
ClubMbr Management Access is currently on Request, making a payment via Paypal including your email address, desired Username and Password will provide you personal access within 24hours garunteed. Once your Clubs personal account has been created you will receive an email notifying you of your new access. You will then be able to login and begin using the ClubMbr Club Management Cloub Based Platform.
Please note that Login details may be changed to comply with security restrictions, your email will contain all required information for your platform access, payment and also help and support information incase required.
The ClubMbr platform is avaialble at a Fee, we like to think that this is a small Fee for any Club taking a membership fee from their club members. The pricing does vary depending on the amount of club members available within your club, once the limit has been reached no further members will be possible.
We do suggest to if your club has an exact amount and one of our bundles is that amount, that you increase the ClubMbr membership to the next level, this will avoid any membership management issues now and in the future when your club continues to grow in members.
ClubMbr Membership provides you limited access depending on your Club membership access to the ClubMbr Cloud based Membership management platform. All available tools are included for you to manage many aspects of your club, members, events, attendance, staff, printables, receipts including access to the platform.
Higher level ClubMbr Membership can also provide you with a personlised domain and hosting, which grants complete access to all adminitrative tools including customised receipts, logos and design. For more information on ClubMbr Membership plans for your Club, check out our price plans.
ClubMbr provides the Club Administrator to grant access to new Club managers and also restricted rights to Staff members. For our standard ClubMbr Memberships only suggested staff access rights are provided, allowing a single rule to be applied to all staff or none Club Administrators.
More advanced tools and access are provided on the Advanced ClubMbr memberships, where complete access is granted to the ClubMbr backend administration, this will allow the Club Admin to create Admins, various groups and adjust many aspects of the ClubMbr Platform.
Your Club Membership will be automaticly stopped on the final day of membership, your Club details will remain available untill you renew your ClubMbr Membership. We will retain your club information for upto 180 days at which point all stored information will be deleted from our systems. Renewal of ClubMbr Membership after this time will require new entry of all Club information and data.
We do suggest that personal backups are made of your Club information, this can be recoved and reintergrated into the ClubMbr platform on request if Club membership information has passed the 180days. This service will incure a Fee of 100euro for each block of 100 members which will payable on request, the reinetrgration of old Club information and data can take upto 1 week for large clubs.
The Club Management Membership types provide small and large clubs an advantage in club management, the two membership types that exist are "Club Package" and "Custom Club Package". Each package has access to tools and club management aspects including printable items and club analytics. The main differenction between the two packages is the customization of the platform and also the advanced management tools which are with the "Club Package" not provided.
The "Custom Club Package" can provide your club with complete control of the ClubMbr Club Management Platform, a custom Sub domain or actual Domain and web hosting can be provided. The platform can and will only be hosted by, we provide your Club with your own hosting panel, access where you can manage your custom email accounts and access, add additional tools and sub domains to your club. For further details on the "Custom Club Package" please view the ClubMbr Membership Prices page or Contact ClubMbr for your custom requests.
New platform updates and additions are included in all ClubMbr Membership packages, requesting something new will benefit all Club Members.
Every Club wants to compete and that reason we decided to create the "Custom Club Package" where you can have your own Club Design added to your Club Managment Platform. With a Custom Look and Design your Club printables will remind your staff and members of your Clubs Team Spirit.
If you manage multiple Clubs and require a platform to view, compaire and manage all Clubs which you run or own, then the ClubMbr "Custom Membership Package" is the perfect deal for you! With a *custom Domain name, your own complete Management Platform to manage and support multiple Clubs.
The "Custom Club Package" also includes everything to manage the entire platform within an Advanced Club Adminstration Area, which extends your Club management much further. Create complete access groups and manage everything within the ClubMbr Platform, create your own access rights, multiple access groups, unlimited access and members.
Want more information? Then please send your questions to us
*Depending on membership package if Domain or Sub Domain.
The ClubMbr Club Management platform does have a Demo version avaialble, this allows for basic visualisation of what is possible, Club administrative rights are provides and allow for a full experience of the ClubMbr Platform.
The Demo version does not contain the latest updates from our Live Cloud Club Management Platform. As updates, new features and options are frequently added the Demo version will not provide the latest and greatest Club Management experience.
The ClubMbr Cloud Club Membership Platform is compatible with all platforms, Windows, Apple Mac, Android Any Operating system and also most mobile devices. The only limit may be the device resolution. ClubMbr does adjust its sizes depending on the device viewed, providing a stable and useable experience. We can not garuntee that all new devices are imedtialy suported.
Javascript is not required but highly recomended as some advanced features do rely on javascript function, providing your club with better tools.
Its actualy very easy to use our Club management platform, with our basic training videos you will quickly find your way around the platform. Also with our inbuilt support platform you will allways have help at hand! Further information and help pointers are also provided within the club management platform itself, ensuring an easy to use and informative platform for you and your club staff.
If you want to learn quickly how to achieve the best results using the ClubMbr Membership Managment Platform you may view some of our initial training videos. These have been create to show you how easy it is to use the platform for Memberships and Events, further Videos will be created in the future as we complete the platform.
The Cloud based Club Management platform also includes a built in support area. Further support and help guides are in creation for the platform which will be released with the usual platform updates. To keep yourself updated, join our newsletter and receive update notifications and special Club Deals.
The Club Management Platform allows you to manage nearly all aspects of your club, membership details and information, add member photos so you allways know what the memebr looks like and know how to address them. Manage your memebership payments and personal club membership plans. Create membership cards and print various payment receipts and even event flyers for information purposes. There is so much you can do to improve the way you manage your club and we help you do just that. You can create Events and track event attendance to see which events are popular and which are not. Further additions are being added as you read this such as Stock management of club equipment or even the drinks, crips and tobacco which you may sell in your club. Check our the Training videos and demo platform for a better understandiung of the club management tools provided.
Yes, a personal version of the ClubMbr platform can be created for your club. Check our prices for more information on the extras and additions to each of the two versions available.
Yes and No, Depending on the ClubMbr platform version, for custom Club platforms full control is provided where groups can be created and fully managed by the Club manager or owner. For the standard Club access there are 3 group types, Club manager, Club staff and Club members only. will create backups on a bi monthly basis, you may however generate a backup of your club information which can be downloaded to your own computer system. All back-ups are the responsibility of the club manager.
All Club information is personal to your own club, you may of course add further club managers or club staff which will be able to view certain information (Club staff and members have a default limited view, unless using a custom ClubMbr platform).

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